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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-statement?
An e-statement is an electronic version of your bank statement delivered through a secure website. The e-statement format is identical to the paper statements received in the mail and can be saved or printed. Just like your paper statement, e-statements include images of cancelled checks, disclosures, and other important information.

If I choose to receive e-statements, will I still receive a statement in the mail?
No, paper statements are discontinued once enrolled for e-statements; however, e-statements can easily be printed or saved.

How do I sign up for e-statements?
You may sign up for E-statements through Internet Banking by clicking on the Statement tab on each individual account. You will need to agree to the consent then enter your Name and Email Address at the bottom.
If you do not wish to access e-statements through Internet banking, you may click here to enroll online or visit any of our locations to request an e-statement Consent Form.

How do I know when I receive a new e-statement?
You will receive an email notification from each time a statement is available for viewing. To ensure proper delivery of this email notification, it is recommended that be added as an email contact. You will be able to access your statements by clicking on the Statement tab on the individual account. It is also important that you inform the Bank of any email address changes.

How do I access my e-statement?
You will log in to Internet Banking and click on the Statement tab on each individual account where you will access your statement as a PDF.

How long can I view my e-statement through Internet Banking?
Statements are stored for 12 months.

Will I still be able to view my check images?
Just as with mailed statements, the check images are found at the end of the statement.

Do I also need to be signed up for Internet Banking to receive e-statements?
You may access your statements if you are an Internet Banking user but it is not necessary to be an Internet Banking user to receive e-statements. 
If you are not an Internet Banking user and you wish you to have e-statements, you may click here to enroll online to access your statements through CSIeSafe if you wish.

Are there any software requirements?
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free at

What if I accidentally delete the email notification that my e-statements are ready? Can I still view them?
Your e-statements can still be accessed by logging in to your Internet Banking account and by clicking on the Statement tab on the individual account.  E-statements are stored for 12 months from the delivery date.
If you do not have Internet Banking but access your e-statements through CSIeSafe, you may still access them by logging in to your account at  E-Statements are stored for free 60 days from the delivery date.

What if my email address changes?
To ensure proper delivery of your bank statements, it is important that you inform the Bank of any email address changes.  You can do this by logging in to your Internet Banking account and clicking on the Settings tab.  Then enter your current password and email address and click Submit.

Can I have my e-statement notification sent to more than one email address?
Yes, more than one email address may be used to send notifications.

What if I no longer want to receive my statement electronically? How do I stop receiving e-statements?
To discontinue enrollment in e-statements, simply contact the Bank in person, by calling 402-729-3344 or by emailing

Please call 402-729-3344 with additional questions regarding e-statements.

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